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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Let's Make a Knife, (sidebar: handles)

Since the next part of making a knife is to put on a handle, I thought I'd write a few thoughts about that outside of the how-to.

A variety of handle materials. From left to right: wood (redheart in this case), carbon fiber, C-Tek, and a few different colors of G10. C-Tek is a colored, resin filled aluminum honeycomb. I haven't used it before, this is my first piece. It tends to be pricey, but I wanted to look at it and try it out. G10 is a fiberglass-like material that is available in a large range of colors. Imagination is the only limit, and this is far from an all inclusive list.

A few different types of fasteners, and some counterbores. You can also use pins, screws, tubes, or whatever comes to mind.  More detail follows.

Corby rivets. Its a screw, but once finished looks like a rivet.

Loveless screws. Combinations of stainless, brass, or nickel can be used for different bullseye effects in the finished handle.

Chain screws.

These counterbores are used for installing Loveless fasteners and Corby rivets. The pilot is the same diameter as the screw, and the step matches the round nut.
This is just a general overview to show a small part of the variety available. We'll get into the mechanics of it in Part 4.

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