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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Welding Table

I got my welding table built today. It comes in kit form and you just weld it together. Purchased from Certi-Flat ( This is the 2x3' table.

It has a very interesting construction method. All of the parts are laser cut. They have tabs that lock together and basically ensure that the table goes together flat. A little clamping, and its ready for welding. With the table upside down, all of the lower frame parts get welded...but not the top.

The top has slots that line up with the frame tabs. This is where the top and frame get welded together.

After welding the top.

And assembled!
This table is excellent quality and a great value. I have limited work space, and even more limited funds. So I get a great table for under $300 and an hour or two of my time.

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