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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

EERF Grinder...still working...

Continuing on the grinder...

Fitting the two major frame parts.

Attaching the motor.

The tooling arm is clamped here

I still need to add the holes for the tracking wheel bracket.

Much of the grinder together.

Making the tooling arm. I'm using a slitting saw to make a clamp for the contact wheel axle.

When making a clamp, you must extend the slit all the way past the bore in order to create any clamping force. If you don't, there won't be enough flex.

Tooling arm mounted.

I still have a few tasks left before I can call this grinder done. Once I'm happy with fit and finish, I'm going to blow it apart and paint all of the steel parts. I'm excited to get this machine running. Once it is ready to go, I'll give a more detailed look at the functions of some of these parts. Right now I'm just concentrating on making it all fit together.

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