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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Sontaku Knives

Today's mission was to see if I could get three blades ground. Mission accomplished. I also accomplished it early enough that I decided to go ahead and fire up the kiln. As I write this, they are approaching their hardening temperature. So, we'll see the finished product a little later.

Three blades, all shaped, with hardware holes drilled. These are ready to have the bevels ground.

After a while, all three have their bevels ground.

Cleaned, with bags prepped.

All wrapped up and ready to go to the knife sauna. The bags are formed from .002" foil, wrapped and doubled crimped to keep the air out.

I roughed out the blanks on the band saw at work yesterday, and got the shapes ground last night. The bevels are the hardest part for me, so I left that for this morning when I would be fresh and not hurried.

I NEED to learn to work freehand. For now I use a grinding platform. It works, but going freehand would open up a whole world of possibilities.

So far, though, these were easier to grind than my paring knives. They are more time consuming due to their size, but the shape fits my grinding platform technique better. I've got a lot more to learn!

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