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Friday, February 5, 2016

New Norris Iron

I hinted about this the other day, and almost for forgot to post it.
The first part I made on my new mill is an iron for my Norris plane. I wanted to be able to use the plane without wearing out the original iron.
All done at home, from cutting to heat treating to grinding.

Seriously, isn't this the coolest thing ever? Coming out of the oven at an ungodly temperature. The iron is A2 tool steel, which means it has to be wrapped in stainless steel foil during the heat treat. You're not seeing the blade're seeing the heat it's giving off THROUGH the foil! I geek out over things like this.

Mine on the left, original on the right.

Installed and taking shavings.

Another comparison shot.


  1. That original iron saw some use.
    In the heat treatment is that the actual color?

    1. Ralph-
      Yup, that's the actual color coming out of the kiln. No filters or camera trickery.

  2. .......great idea on the iron, if nothing else, as a back up never hurts either.

    1. It helps to justify the purchase of my kiln! What's nice is that I can now make replacement irons for several of my planes, including my newer ones like my LV low angle jointer. I've been wanting to get a couple of irons for that plane with different angles on I can just make them.