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Monday, December 22, 2014

My apologies to Lee Valley/Veritas

I have loved every tool that I have ever purchased from Lee Valley. They make some of my favorite tools. Except for one.
I have hated on the dovetail saw and guide combo more than once.

The action shot, killing some cherry.

Like, I said some mean s%&t about that tool. Until now. I think I finally realized that it is a very handy, useful, and well made tool.
If, like me, you don't spend a lot of time cutting dovetails, your hand sawing isn't always up to snuff. I have handsaws that are sharpened and tuned to perfection. I can make some damned good cuts. But I have this problem...when I cut a dovetail, I completely forget how to use a saw. This little saw guide really helps me out. I can make clean, accurate cuts now. In the past, the problem was me, not the saw.
So, if you're a part time-wannabe-hardly-practicing woodworker like me, and you want to improve your joinery a bit...this little thing works a charm.
Apologies, Lee Valley, from you.

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