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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Baker's Bench Scraper

I have made a couple of Baker's Bench Scrapers. Otherwise known as a pastry scraper. A necessary and extremely useful tool in the kitchen.
I think I have nailed down the way I want to make them, and just need to speed up my process. My goal in the upcoming months is to make these for sale, amongst other items. My timeline is getting stretched a bit due to requirements at my day job, but I'll get there.

Top left is the run of the mill mass produced one that I bought at the store several years ago. Top right is my first scraper. It has walnut handles, cherry dowels, and an 18 ga blade. Bottom is the new one. A thinner 20 ga blade, bubinga handle, and Loveless handle fasteners.

The 18 ga blade on the first scraper I made is way too thick. Dropping to 20 ga offers that slight amount of flex balanced with stiffness. I also really like the Loveless fasteners. They grab like hell, and look pretty neat once they are ground down. They offer a bit of class, versus the more rustic dowel look.

A Loveless fastener. One of the brass nuts goes into each handle scale. The screw is tightened and ground off. Don't forget the LocTite (or epoxy). This one is 8-32, brass and stainless.

All of the scrapers are 6" wide. The walnut handled and purchased scrapers have 4.5" long blades. The new one has a 4" long blade. I will return to the 4.5" blade for the future.

Finishing the wooden handles is easy peasy. I give 'em a good shellac'n, then a couple coats of my cutting block finish. The block finish is a mixture of bee's wax and mineral oil. It seals the wood, but leaves a nice tactile feel to the wood. The big bonus is that it is food safe. If it's going to get that close to my bakery, I don't want it making me sick!

And that's it...simple.

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