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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Triumph Axles, pt.3

While making my rear axle, I decided that I didn't like the look of the stock nuts. With the addition of the spacer and adjuster, they looked a little odd.

Spacers. I milled them to have keys that lock to the frame. This way the adjusting flat always faces forward...and they look trick too.

One of the axle nuts. You don't just go to the hardware store to get a 3/4-20 tap, and that's not one that I usually have laying around. Had to order it, which took some time. The flats are milled to fit a 15/16 wrench.

The completed axle assembly.
Now that the axle is done...there are two more nuts that go on the inner portion. Unlike, say, some (most?) big twins, the Triumph axle has two inner nuts that lock the wheel down. I may take the time to make the inner nuts as well, in order to keep anything from looking out of place.
With the axle done, I can move onto engine mounts...til next time.

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