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Monday, August 25, 2014

Triumph Axles, pt 2

Part 1 showed the front axle. Now time for the rear.

Unlike the front axle, where I could use stock that was the proper diameter for the wheel bearings, the rear had to be turned to size. This axle will be a hair over 10.5" long when done. When you're turning a piece that long, and the diameter has to be consistent over its length, it's a good idea to check your lathe. I adjusted the lathe to within .001" over 11". That's pretty good for a 50 year old Logan. The center portion of the axle is .785" and the ends will be threaded to 3/4-20.

Something I didn't show in the front axle post is that you have to align the cutter. These carbide cutters have flats on the sides that make alignment a snap.
Early in the threading process.

I would have rather worked a little closer to the chuck, but the diameter of the axle is ever-so-slightly too large to fit down the chuck shaft.

At the end of the last cut, it's a good idea to test fit a nut.

Here's the completed axle. It looks crooked in the picture, but that's a just the picture, everything is nice and straight.
Now that my axles are done, I have to make the adjusters and spacers. More to come...stay tuned...and all that jazz.

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