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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Engine Mounting Hardware

The new frame for the Organ Donor uses later style front engine mounts. Older style mounts were integral to the frame, and motor dropped into them. Basically, just a pair of tabs welded to the frame.

The later frames had stud bosses in the frame and separate plates for the mounts. This is a better design in my mind, because it allows for easier installation of the engine. Instead of buying a set of studs and plates, I elected to make them.

Across the top is the lower engine mounting stud. This goes below the engine and spans the frame. It is about 7" long. The two plates and three shorter studs make up the front mount.

One of the mount plates and the studs installed on the frame. I'm still deciding on whether to make the nuts or purchase them.

A close up of one of the studs.
The studs, including the lower stud, are made from chrome-moly steel. I machined a 7/16-20 thread into each end. The plates are 3/16" mild steel plate. The welded tabs on the older frames were slightly thinner than 3/16", so I believe that this will be stout enough to stand up to years of abuse.

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