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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Back to action

Been inactive on here again. Basically because I haven't done anything worth shouting to the world about. A little over a week ago was the one year anniversary of wrecking the Organ Donor. I chose that day (April 7) to officially start the tear down. My plan is to bring her back to life, and make her whole again.
My bike is running again for the first time in two and a half years. I'll see if the video will upload...just a few seconds of the first time she fired off.

Believe me, you never want to do that to a gas tank. I fractured my pelvis in three places when I hit that.

Here's Organ Donor, ready to be torn down. Front end, gas tank, and frame are all being replaced. Believe it or not, the front wheel can actually be salvaged. However, I'm going to replace it with a 21" laced wheel. The rear will get relaced with stainless steel spokes. I already have many of the new parts, and I'm just waiting on my frame. I will be using a stock front end, and changing the frame geometry while I'm at it.

Handle bars are junk. None of my welds broke, so I spose that's good.
The rebuild is mapped out in my head. I haven't decided on a gas tank (so I got two). I want to keep this build clean and free of clutter. Although I think Organ Donor was a very clean build, there are a few spots that I can improve on the rebuild. I intend to put my very best into it.

Here's a quick video of LaCucaracha's first breath of life in over two years. I'll share more of the nitty gritty on this engine later. Lot's of hot rod goodies.

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