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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Dashboard Lights

Not the easiest task in the world. The dashboard light sockets on my friend's 1969 Harley Davidson FLH needed to be replaced. The problem is that they are swaged in. I managed to make a swage and press them in. I think the replacement sockets could have used a little more of a flange in order to make them press in better, however they took in the end.

The dashboard. The new sockets are off to the side. Using a sander, I ground off the flanges to remove the old ones. I turned the swage from a stainless bar.

I used a C-clamp held in a vice to press the new sockets. If I was going to do this again, I would tweak the shape of the swage ever so slightly and weld it to the clamp.

In other news, I replaced my helmet from last year's crash. My new sparkly blue Bell 500.

After the first start up, I noticed a transmission leak and a leak from the oil feed block on LaCucaracha. Got that fixed (hopefully).

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