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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Taking care of business

Last night and today were dedicated to bikes. I got a lot of work done.

Getting started on the primary drive. This carrier will hold the clutch basket and cush-drive.

24 little rollers. Smear on some wheel bearing grease and gently place all the rollers onto the carrier.

My primary drive is from Tony Hayward. Pretty much the best clutch you can put on a Triumph. It is based on a Ducati clutch. It is lighter than stock by about 4 pounds and has twice as many plates. Mr. Hayward takes pride in his work, as suggested by engraving his signature into the clutch basket.

The clutch basket rides on all of those little roller bearings.

The cush-drive is at the center of the clutch. Mine is a 4 spring, which is a pre-'63. Later machines had a 3 spring. The belt drive goes up to a pulley on the crank shaft. It take s few minutes to get everything fit up.

After the primary drive is in, the alternator goes over the front pulley. The belt drive pulley is much wider than the stock chain primary. This requires you to put spacers behind the alternator so that the pulley doesn't touch the stator.

This is what the primary side will look like when I'm done. I cut a large portion of the cover away to show off that clutch. Another advantage of a belt drive is that they don't run in oil like the stock chain units.

After putting an Italian inspired sport bike clutch into my British was time to take my Italian superbike for a ride. This is my Aprilia RSVR1000 Factory. Gorgeous machine, love it. Just wish I could have done more riding this year (I've only put about 40 miles on it). Into storage now!

After spending time with my Italian girlfriend, it was time to resume work on my chopper. Remember that bolt I broke off? Time to get it out. I clamped the head in the mill and located the holes so that I could accurately drill out the bolt.

Once the center of the hole was located, I covered the head with blue painter's tape. I spent good money on this thing, and don't want to get chips into the moving parts.

After drilling and tapping for the heli-coil.

Heli-coil installed. I hope to install the head tomorrow and continue working.

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