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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Getting that engine together

It's kind of nice to be moving on from being crushed by a minivan! With the energy level coming back to somewhat normal, I'm starting to be a little more productive.
I got the top end of my engine torqued up, and it is ready to drop into the frame. I'll have my chopper complete just in time to call the insurance company and tell them it's time to put my bikes into storage!
Pushrods from Johnson Cams. These are really nice steel pieces. My old ones were aluminum. The aluminum ones are nice for reducing weight on a race bike, but don't always stand up to everyday use.

The cams are timed, the nuts are torqued up, and the Morgo oil pump is installed.

All of the head hardware is torqued up to spec.

The timing cover is installed. All that is left  to do there is to put in the points assembly and get the ignition timed.
Now...about that nut I dropped into the transmission...

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