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Saturday, May 4, 2013

More on passenger pegs

Before my accident, I made some progress on my peg mounts for the Aprilia. I'm bored as hell right now, so I'll get the pics up that show the current state of the peg mounts. With any luck, I'll be able to ride this bike sometime this year. It kind of sucks owning such a beautiful machine and not being able to enjoy it. Anyway, enough of my whining.

The frame stand offs are cut from 1/2" stainless hex. I went with that because the factory body mounts are made from hex stock. They will get a little cosmetic treatment to match the factory parts at the end.

Cutting down the OD for the male threads, which will be 8mm. Look close and you'll see a funny spot. It took a few passes to get through it, but that little spot was sort of hard. It happens, and luckily wasn't enough to mess up the part.

Two down.

All four, ready to thread.

Here's a trick for ya. I don't have a hex die stock for the lathe. What I do is use a pair of parallels to set the die into the headstock.

With the die set up, I put the piece in the tailstock chuck. At this point I lube the heck out of it and turn the headstock by hand.

First one threaded. It just needs a relief cut at the base of the threads. Once the male threads were cut, I drilled the other end for 8mm female threads.

Just an idea of how things are shaping up.

Cosmetic work. I'm not going to describe how I did this...let's just say OSHA wouldn't approve.

Four stand offs ready to go.

Test fit onto the bike. I like 'em. Once I'm up and about, I'll work on the pegs.

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