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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Veneer Roller (pt 2)

I have finished Ralph's veneer roller...

The complete roller...sort of. Ralph elected to make his own handle. The specs: 3" wide, 1.5" diameter 360 Brass roller. Frame and axle are 304 Stainless, with stainless screws and a pair of bronze thrust washers. I left about 1/32" of "slop" on the roller (side to side). The axle is 1/4" with 10-24 threads.

I like stainless button head screws. I hope Ralph does too!

Sometimes, when I'm not sure about the final length of screw that I want, I will purchase them too long. At final assembly, I can cut them down. Top is 5/8" long. The bottom one is cut to fit. There's a a practical reason for this...and to some, it may seem like a cop out. The axle is 304 Stainless. That alloy has a tendency to work harden. Sometimes, it decides when you are done cutting threads. When it says you're done...stop...or... break off your tap. I hate breaking taps. It's embarrassing to me. 304 is temperamental and is a force to be reckoned with.

Trial and error. These pieces didn't quite survive the process.

This was a fun project. I got to learn a thing or two, and remind myself of a few other things. I can't wait to hear what Ralph thinks when he gets it in his hands and puts it to use.