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Thursday, June 9, 2016

EERF Grinder (cont.)

Continuing work on my EERF grinder:

This part was the largest, so I left it for last. It required a lot of hack saw work before being milled. The original design has this as two separate pieces of 1/2" steel sandwiched together at assembly. I elected to make it from a single 1" thick piece of aluminum.

This surface is just draw filed.

A part this size can't just be put in the vise. I elected to put in on 1-2-3 blocks and clamp it to the table.

Clear away the chips...

Into a different clamping set up to locate and drill the holes.


All of the frame far. I have a few more at a local water jet shop being cut. Four parts were too large for me to machine at home...we'll see how soon they get done.

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