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Thursday, November 12, 2015

More on knifey type stuff

When I first got my belt grinder, I also got a selection of belts. Pictured is a Norton Blaze 80 grit. I'm showing it because I'm impressed with it. The used one currently on my grinder is "dull" though still removes metal at a rapid rate. If you use a belt grinder, check these belts out, they are nice.

After finishing my first knife, there were two things that I knew needed work right away: 1) more consistent grind from one side to the other and 2) a more acute grind angle. I believe I am well on my way to getting a hold on both of these issues. I think both were fixed at the same time, basically by a slight reconfiguration of the grinder. I'll get into that with my next post in more detail. 
As of this evening, I have four new blades with the primary bevels ground to 80 grit. My goal is to get the finish grinding done so that I can heat treat this weekend.

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