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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Grinding Fixture, Finished

My knife grinding fixture is finished and operational. So far, so good.

Each surface flanks the grinder. Since the grinder can be adjusted for angle, the fixtures can stay put.

When grinding each side of a knife, you pretty much lay it on the fixture and pull across. This doesn't mean it'll be perfect...there's still a little technique involved. I'm still working on the technique part.

When you get to the curved part of the blade, you turn the blade on the table while keeping it flat.
The keen eyed observer may have already noticed a design flaw here. I knew going in that it would happen, but I went ahead anyway, basically because it's just an inconvenience. In order to change belts, the top of the right side fixture has to be removed. I can live with that. Anyway, I'll use this for a while and see if it evolves over time.

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