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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Lie-Nielsen 1" Chisel

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: you can't beat an LN chisel. Love em! For whatever reason, I decided that I needed one in the 1" size. Here goes the prep:

Here's the big bruiser. Getting ready to run it on the 1000 grit stone.

The back, as it comes from the tool works.

After 1000 grit.

After 4000 grit. Ignore the chucks.

After the 8000 grit. The sticker on my phone says that we've got a good polish.

I've been using the simple clamp style guide more and more. However, it does not hold this chisel very well. For this, we'll clamp it up in the Lee Valley guide. From the tool works, this chisel has a 30 degree grind. I'm going to set up the guide for 30 degrees and then dial in one extra degree for my secondary bevel.

1000 grit
4000 grit.

8000 grit.

After the green strop.
Next to my old Craftsman 1 inch.

The Craftsman chisel has had a life of abuse. I brought it back to life. But even this old guy was not made to the same high standards as the LN.

The LN is considerably thicker.

Comparison of the side lands. The LN's are barely visible in this picture, whereas the Craftsman has thick bulky side lands.

$75 well spent! What's more is that my total prep time into the chisel was about 15 minutes. From now on, the Craftsman will go into full time saw-line duty. The LN will be used for more precision work. Those tiny side lands allow it to skate into places where lesser chisels can't dream of going.  Like all other LN chisels I expect it to hold an edge very well. It feels good in my hand, has good weight, and excellent balance.

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