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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Oil Tank issues

(I'm repeating myself just a little bit here...but now we get the full story)
Every now and then a cool idea just doesn't work out. The oil tank that I built for my chopper had internal plumbing and an integral oil filter. It looked cool and was sort of unique. After getting the engine fired up, I realized that it was over taxing on the oil pump. You see...(for those that don't know Triumphs)...the oil pump is a dual piston-type pump. One piston draws oil from the feed and pressurizes it through the engine. The other draws oil up from the crank case sump and returns it to the tank. The return side doesn't create much pressure, and requires free flowing lines.

Here is the tank. I think it's pretty damn cool. However, it just doesn't work.

When I found that my tank didn't work, it was time to hit up Lowbrow Customs for an aluminum tank. This one is much more traditional. An evening or two making mounts...

...and it's all in. This tank is super nice. It weighs next to nothing. A couple of minutes with a scotch brite pad to match it to the finish on the engine was all that it needed.

My old tank had the electrical components mounted on it. Therefore, I needed to move those parts to a new location. Here's a test fit of the new mount plate with the regulator/rectifier and terminal block. It bolts up to the old fender mount on the frame down tube.

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