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Monday, January 28, 2013

Oak box II

My oak box is coming along. The case is dovetailed, and the groove has been cut to fit the back. Next up is decide the location of the shelf and cut the dadoes.
For the back, I have a piece of Spanish Cedar that I'd like to use. The problem is that it isn't big I need to get another piece.
It fits together. That's a positive sign! This picture is from before cutting the groove. The dovetails aren't perfect, but I'm not going to stress out about it. I want to finish the project, with all of the faults and learn from it. Instead of my usual routine of: make a mistake, toss the piece, and then wonder why I have a bunch of tools and nothing to show for it.

No glue there yet. The dovetails hold well, but could be tighter. We'll look more into that later. I still have a sin to confess about cutting the joints on this box.
The way that I cut the groove for the back means that my tail board has little cut outs on the rear most pins, something you can't see in these pictures. That is easy enough to fix, as I can use a small piece of waste to make a filler. I've done that before, and the result is acceptable.
Anyway, we'll look at more of that later. I'll discuss a few of my little mistakes, and how I think I can keep from making them next time.
We'll also spend some time singing the praises of Lie-Nielsen chisels. When my box of goodies arrived from Lee Valley the other day, I also had a box containing a L-N 1/2" bench chisel waiting for me as well.

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