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Saturday, May 26, 2012

A simple project, just for fun

I need a better way to store my kitchen knives. I've seen magnetic holders for sale everywhere, but wanted to make it myself. They are simple enough to make. This is more of an artsy-craftsy sort of thing just to get my hands working again, nothing special. However, if you spend any amount of time in the kitchen (as I do) then it is very hand. Plus, instead of saying, "I bought that at Ikea (or wherever)," you get to say that you made it yourself.

The back side, with the positions of the magnets marked out. The thin piece at the top of the pic will be the face.
Magnets! I am using 1" dia magnets. On the right is a cup, on the left is a cup/magnet assembly. The magnets may be strong, but they need a little help since there will be a slice of wood between them and whatever they are holding. The cups help to focus the magnet's efforts.

Got the holes bored to 1 1/8" dia and just deep enough to fit the magnet and cup.

All four magnets in their new homes. I didn't glue them in. The only glue is on the wood pieces.
Just a quick check before glue up. The knife on the right is my favorite. It's the "Peasant's Knife" from Lee Valley...they have some pretty nice kitchen stuff.
The finished product. I just have two pilot holes for when I mount it. I used my cutting board wax for a finish.

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