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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

First of the saws

My Penn State rip saw. It is 5ppi, 26". Rather a heavy one too. I haven't found much about the Penn State Saw Corp. The plate is uber-hard and a pain to file. In fact, a couple of teeth broke when I tried to set it. I'm going to rejoint it, and refile the teeth as soon as I remember to get a new file that I don't mind killing on one saw. I'm putting this one up here first, since it is the first saw I took an interest in restoring.
The "Quaker Oats Guy" etch. Of my old saws, this one has the strongest etch. This saw cleaned up nicely and is very straight. I'm not in a hurry to resharpen it, since I have picked up two new rip saws recently.

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