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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A couple old metal planes.

An older Craftsman plane. 9 3/4" with a 1 1/2" iron. This thing was in ROUGH shape when it followed me home. It is, still, in rough shape. However, after a little bit of work it has proven to be quite a nice smoother. It takes great shavings with the original iron. This one will likely remain ugly, there's really no need to try and tune it any further.
The Craftsman, from the top. Yup...still ugly.
This, I think, is a Lakeside. 9 1/2" with a 2" iron. The original iron has been 86'd. I replaced it with a standard Stanley iron. The sole and sides have been brought flat and square. Performs like a pig. I've got to fiddle with it some more. Open the mouth and it digs...close the mouth and it chatters. Ugh. It was Grampa's, and it may end up on my dad's mantle if I can't get it fettled.

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