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Monday, September 5, 2016

Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!

Consider this as a bit of a public service announcement.

If you EVER show an allergic reaction to a wood species, get it out of your shop. Every piece. Every scrap. Every damned speck of dust. Get it out.

This applies more to tropicals, as I don't know of too many people showing allergic reactions to domestic woods (though it's possible...I think I heard of people being sensitive to pine). Anyway, I use several tropical woods. They make great handles for kitchen implements.

A few years ago, I had a strong reaction to honduras rosewood. It was bad. I broke out in hives and had respiratory issues. I've been fine as long as I didn't work with it. Several weeks ago, while working with Bocote I had a skin reaction. "Bummer," I thought. I like that stuff. Last week I made the stupid mistake of making a knife handle from a piece of mystery wood. There was only two things it could have been. I'm allergic to both of them. I should have stopped and thrown it away.

Red, swollen, don't forget the hives!!! This arm isn't as bad as the other. The thing with these allergies is that they get WORSE each time you're exposed. It hurts like hell and itches even worse. This picture is a week after the initial reaction.


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    1. Thanks, Ralph. The reaction is on the down swing finally. I've been through a lot of hydrocortisone and antihystimines over the last week and a half.
      Absolutely miserable! Things like this just sap the energy right out of you, plus the discomfort makes it so you don't want to work. I'm already lazy, I don't need anything encouraging me to be MORE lazy.