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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Quiet But Not Unproductive

The last week or two I've kept myself busy in the shop until nearly bedtime every night...or at least until it's time to watch Science Channel and fall asleep on the couch. Concentration has been on knives...

1850 degrees!

Two chef's knives and two fruit knives. Fresh out of tempering, they have some cool colors.

I elected to only regrind the bevels on these two blades, and leave the heat treat colors on the rest of the blade.

First time using G-10 for a handle.

Completed chef's knife with polished G-10.

Started a hunting knife for my cousin...this one will take some time. It's 3/16" thick and will have a deer antler handle.

Sometimes, they warp. Sometimes I can cure that.

Another chef's knife. This one has a secondary bevel on the blade of 2 degrees.

At full temperature, wrapped in foil...ah the glow of A2 tool steel!

More pretty colors on a chef's knife.

This is a small santoku knife I made a little while back, finally getting its turn in the kitchen.


  1. How close were you when you took that first pic? 1850° would make you medium rare real quick.

    1. That is from 2 or 3 feet away. With still air, you can get sorta close. That being said, even with 18" tongs, I still wear heavy gloves to pull the blades out.