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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

New Stuff On The Way

Once again I have been absent. I have basically spent the last four or five months on the road for work. While it is a good way to improve one's pocket book, it is not such a good way to accomplish things at home. When I've had the time, I've been trying to improve my work space so that I can get stuff done during fall and winter.

Rearranging and insulating the basement. Tool organization. Drinking beer. Cooking. And just trying to find a minute or two to relax before jumping in the car for another road trip. I also quit my shop and am in the process of moving all of my tools and bikes to my house.

New projects are on the way. Things that I've been planning for quite some time and putting on hold until I can get enough time at home to actually see them through.

It seems to me that my down time/busy time cycle is weirder than normal, but it is coming back down to a more sane level. If you still occasionally read here, I hope soon to have some new topics.

(hint...someone just went on a shopping spree at Lie-Nielsen and Lee Valley)

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