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Saturday, March 30, 2013


It's spring time, when a young man's mind turns to thoughts of gasoline fumes, burning tires, and all things horsepower. At this moment, the lower half of my chopper's engine is out for grinding and balancing. It's a waiting game. I ordered some brandy new Crower rods for my girl, and they had to make 'em since they are not always in stock. Add to that a Morgo 750cc big bore kit, some Johnson cams, and a head from Phil Wyatt, and you've got yourself a hot rod. Every bit has been worth the wait.

Light Sweet Crude.

This is LaCucaracha. You can call her Kook, she doesn't mind. I cut about 2 inches out of a Sportster tank. The fender isn't missing...there's never been one to miss. I sprayed the red, my friend Adam shot the clear and flake. There's two or three sizes of flake and a couple different pearls in there. In the sunlight, the paint hurts. I'm usually a fan of subtlety, but not this time around. This is my second home, the Milkhaus.

Kook's oil tank. We set it up with some internal plumbing so that the oil filter would just stick out of the side. The main electrical gizmo's are mounted on the back. I need to find the right oil filter. I used one that I had on hand...but didn't know the number. The guy that I used to buy them from is a complete jag and is no longer a friend of mine. I do not associate with scum.

What started the latest round of work? Well...on the left is a new Morgo 750 piston. On the right is my old left side piston. The valve broke off on the freeway and integrated itself with the piston. I was able to limp it about 7 miles down to my shop. Idled great for some reason...
LaCucaracha hasn't been on the road for about a year and a half. I should have been able to ride last year, but thanks to a fast-talking Eastie who tried to rip me off, I lost a season with my bike. Let's just say, if you quote me $1700 to do a job...and then take $2200...and then tell me it's going to be $3700...I might get upset. The engine, once done, will end up costing me about $2600. That's with all top shelf components. No rehashed crap like the jag who tried ripping me off. Did I mention I get upset when people try and rip me off?After six years with this machine (hey...I'm allowed at least one long term relationship, right?), this is Kook's first color paint job. For two years, she was totally bare. Then she ran in primer...and now we're full on red. Can't wait to hit the street.

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